2021 Chamber Cup


Date(s) - 07/22/2021; 11:00 am - 8:00 pm


Foxchase Golf Club

Due to COVID-19, we are trying to minimize the exchange of money and make registration a quick and smooth process. We are offering purchase of Mulligans and 50/50 raffle tickets prior to the tournament and they will be ready for you to pick up at registration. There will be Bundle packages and individual Mulligan and 50/50 tickets available for purchase as well, please feel free to purchase additional 50/50 raffle tickets on top of your bundle packages.

Individual 50/50 Raffle Ticket Pricing

TEN 50/50 Raffle Tickets $10
THIRTY 50/50 Raffle Tickets $25
FIFTY 50/50 Raffle Tickets $45

Mulligan and 50/50 Raffle Bundle Packages
Mulligan’s can be purchased per individual or for your whole team. Each player is limited to Mulligan.
50/50 Raffle Tickets

Bundle 1 4 Mulligans & 50 Raffle Tickets $80
Bundle 2 4 Mulligans & 30 Raffle Tickets $65
Bundle 3 4 Mulligans & 10 Raffle Tickets $50
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Registrations are closed for this event.