Who We Are

Welcome to small town hospitality at its finest!

The Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to enhance the business community of Northern Lancaster County and surrounding areas through economic, civil, cultural, social and educational programs. Founded in 1922, today’s Northern Lancaster Chamber represents 390+ members. This vibrant, active membership benefits from services and events that involve business, community and government.

We invite you to explore our website and visit us in person. Feel free to peruse our member list and we ask that you patronize these members for their support.

If we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Past Presidents

Year Name
1922-26 M.L. Weidman
1927-30 Inactive
1931-33 W.D. Leed
1934-42 Harry E. Rohrbach
1943-45 I. Lenoard Sprecher
1946 Ivan H. Mentzer
1947 E.D. Merrion
1948 Ira E. Fasnacht
1949 David E. Good
1950-52 S. Harold Hacker
1953-54 Walter D. Wolf
1955 William H. Emory
1956 Oram F. Hunt
1957-59 Lloyd S. Gerhart
1960 Jack R. Kurtz
1961-62 Robert M. Lutz, III
1963 Jacob K. Kurtz, Jr.
1964 Lloyd S. Gerhart
1965 E. Austin Hess
1966 Robert E. Fasnnacht
1967 Earl E. Barnett
1968 Alfred H. Rettew
1969 Samuel R. Youse
1970 Ralph G. Engle
1971 Charles L. Shealer
1972 Harold H. Althouse
1973 Lowell W. Hartman
1974 Richard E. Mohn
1975 John W. Miller
1976 John W. Hocking
1977 John H. Steffy
1978 Charles A. Kochenour
1979 George T. stradling
1980 Frederick W. Lutz
1981 Nevin K. Brugger
1982 Kenelm L. Shirk, III
1983 Perry B. Scott
1984 Keith D. Biers
1985 A. Anthony Kilkuskie
1986 Ronald E. Frisbie
1987 Richard H. Hess
1988 G. Tomlinson Stradling, III
1989 P. Michael Riffert
1990 Thomas B. Chapman
1991 R. Michael Mohn
1992 J. Kevin Frey
1993 Albert H. Kramer
1994 Joseph Beatty
1995 Sherrie Stretler
1996 Robert I. Gantz
1997 Rebecca Rowe
1998 Timothy Classen
1999-01 John W. Berkes
2002-03 William R. Merritt
2004-05 Myron D. Stoltzfus, Sr.
2006-07 David M. Palm
2008-09 David Klotz
2010-11 Michelle Stout
2012 Kurt Brown
2013-2014 Michele McHenry
2015-2018 Erin Treese
2019-2021 Mark Thompson
2022-Present Michael Reynolds