Welcome To Northern Lancaster County

We invite you to get to know all of the exciting things happening in Northern Lancaster County right now.

Conveniently located between Reading and Lancaster, with easy access to the major metropolitan areas in the northeast, Northern Lancaster County has unparalleled historical roots, a rich architectural fabric, and incredible diversity. The historic Ephrata Cloister, the Ephrata Performing Arts Center, the New Main Theatre, and the Eicher Arts Center are just some of the cultural gems in our region that distinguish the Northern Lancaster County from anywhere else in the country. Add a wealth of restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, cultural attractions, and shopping to that list, and visitors and residents will quickly discover that Northern Lancaster County is the hidden jewel of our region.

What We Do

The Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent over 300 businesses of varying sizes, of diverse industries and professions, and of the various towns that make up our region. We provide our valued members from the business and non-profit community with opportunities for marketing, education, growth and community involvement – facilitating connections that guarantee their continued success.